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We now provide Mac mail-in Data Recovery Service and offer you expedited shipping and return shipping on us. Your data will be recovered professionally, bundled it encrypted, and mailed-back safely. Learn how it works:

1. Request an Estimate

First, you would like to request an estimate so that you will have a rough idea about the data recovery expenses.

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2. Mail-in your Device

Once you know the estimate, you may simply pack-up the device safely (original box is recommended if available) and ship it to us by using our shipping label provided. We will re-evaluate your device upon receipt, update you with an invoice and begin data-recovery project immediately.

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3. Pay the Invoice

Once your data is recovered, and it is ready to ship, you will have the invoice sent electronically with a request of payment. Once you complete the transaction, we will expedite your device and data shipment safely. That’s it. Are you ready to request an estimate now?

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Are you near by us and like to drop-off your device instead of mailing-in?

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