Mail-in Data Recovery Service: Fee Estimate

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Introducing our Mac Mail-in Data Recovery Service with expedited shipping and return shipping on us. Your valuable data will be recovered professionally, encrypted and securely mailed-back. Follow our simple process:

1. Request an Estimate

Request an Estimate: Get a rough idea of the data recovery expenses by requesting an estimate on our website by following the link below.

Request an estimate here →

2. Mail-in your Device

Mail-in Your Device: Once you have the estimate, pack your device safely (original box recommended) and ship it to us using our provided shipping label. We will evaluate your device upon receipt, update you with an invoice, and begin the data recovery process.

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3. Pay the Invoice

Pay the Invoice: After your data is successfully recovered, we will send you an electronic invoice with a request for payment. Once the transaction is completed, we will expedite your device and data shipment safely to you.

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