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We now provide Mac mail-in comprehensive upgrade service for your iMac and Mac Pro. We offer expedited shipping and return shipping service so that you do not have pay for it. Your Mac will be evaluated for an upgrade and estimate accordingly. Learn how it works:

1. Request an Estimate

First, you would like to request an estimate so that you will have a rough idea about the upgrade with our expert’s upgrade recommendation.

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2. Mail-in your Device

Once you learn about the estimate, you may simply pack-up the device safely (original box is recommended if available) and ship it to us by using our shipping label provided. We will re-evaluate your device upon receipt, update you with an invoice and begin comprehensive upgrade project immediately.

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3. Pay the Invoice

Once your device is fully upgraded, tested and stress tested, we will change the status: ready for shipping/pickup. We will send you the invoice electronically with a request of payment. Once you complete the transaction, we will expedite your device return shipping. That’s it. Are you ready to request an estimate now?

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Are you near by us and like to drop-off your device instead of mailing-in?

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