Mac Repair Service – Expedited

Mac Repair Service: 2 - 5 Business Days

Now, we are able to offer expedited Mac Repair Service nation wide. You can mail-in your defective Mac for service. Our Mac Service Technician will evaluate your device, update you with the estimate and seek your approval. Once approved, we expedite the service process and initiate the return shipping as soon as the device is ready.

Since we also offer water damaged Mac rework on in-board failed components repair service, we can still cover expedited service (subject to the nature of the damage and service availability). Such in-board affected chip(s) either require rework expertise or specialized utilities and tools that can help accomplish such a critical task precisely. We fix corroded components, failed capacitors or transistors, broken electric lines or surged circuit and components. We can rebuild the hardware, fix issues and offer a reliable re-work solution better and smarter way.

Mac Upgrade ServiceComprehensive Mac Upgrade

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