iMac Logic Board Chip-level Work (Critical)

Liquid Impacted Chip-Level Work: 7 - 30 Business Days

Sometimes, devices do not last as expected — it can be an over-heating issue or the sudden failure of any given components that did not sustain its fault tolerance. We are here to help.

We work in complex in-board iMac components and save those that refuse to start due to fatal failure due to chip-level malfunction. When you are here, your worry is over. We are committed to reviving your device as it reaches the best hands possible.

When others call the circuit level in-chip servicing is impractical and not worth fixing given the age or modal of a Mac, we do the right thing by giving it another chance to serve your purpose — we do it the right way.

Our engineers can rework in-board components that suddenly failed and caused the machine to stop operation. A Mac computer is a sophisticated machine in itself. Its chips and other critical components require specialized tools and expertise to help correct the causing factors. Once we are on your Mac, we can give it a new life as we have done so to many others.

We fix components, replace them when necessary, rework on CPUs and GPUs, replace affected capacitors and transistors, fix the broken circuit line, and cure the surged Logic Board by fixing any in-board components that require our attention — and we do it precisely. We can rebuild reliably and salvage your Mac professionally.


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