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Welcome to MacIssue! It is a Macintosh Technology research oriented web portal. MacIssue comprehensively diagnoses Mac computers, macOS and related issues and challenges in our lab environments. We look into thousands of users-generated complains, comments, provided concerns to learn stuff that are missing or not yet addressed. We also observe strengths and weaknesses of the technologies involved. Want to be a proud member? You may benefit using MacIssue in several ways: writing and publishing contents regularly, participating in discussions or responding queries as necessary where necessary.

Come abroad and feel free to become our valued MacIssue member. You may creatively participate in discussions about real Mac and macOS issues and potential impacts in millions of Mac users’ everyday lives. Should you choose to participate as a writer, we will also compensate you by $10/article on the day it is published. Or may opt-in as an active member as well. On such, let us know about your interests via our contact page and we will create an awesome account for you to get head-started.

You may also browse throughout the pages and find what you are looking for or just stay interested by searching issues and test environments with us. We are constantly improving the site offering as much information as possible.

And we have been trying hard to make MacIssue specifically dedicated to Mac and macOS related concerns and challenges. Therefore, you may expect the results accordingly. We will not talk about iPhone or iPad or iPod or any other device(s) Apple reinvents. We stick around Mac and macOS very strictly. We are fond of researching, operating inside and out of any Mac computer comes forth and keep our spirits high looking into macOS system and implications minutely so that we can offer the best information, lags, bugs, usabilities, sources and outmost benefits possible to the wider horizon.

As a new MacIssue user, you should be able to interact with us seamlessly. If you like, you may play around your machines and report when you find anything absurd, interesting or curious to million of minds around you and around us.

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Do you like to be a MacIssue writer? We are offering you $10 an article and we reward you by depositing it to your PayPal account the day we publish it. And which should be unique in nature. Having 375 words minimum and elaborative in nature. Such is our preference and so will be quite considerable. We offer such perks to dedicated or enthusiasts Mac lovers globally.

MacIssue also inspires Mac critiques who like to research and render ideas about Macintosh hardware technology and macOS evolution. You will be writing minimum 1 article and maximum 3 articles a week. MacIssue will send your perks to your PayPal account directly the day we publish your article. If desire to collect your perks at specific intervals or certain desired amount it reaches, you may let us know. And the perks payout preferences will be setup accordingly. Have questions? Let us know by visiting contact page.


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