Water Damaged Mac in Rice is Counter Productive

Water Damaged Mac in Rice is Counter Productive

Did you just put water damaged Mac in a bag of rice? This is not a productive idea. It’s a myth. One single tinny drop of water is quite powerful to destroy your Mac. Hence the more you keep your Mac in rice, the greater chance is for a critical damage than a recovery.

Why on earth water damaged Mac with rice remedy is considered a myth – not a solution?

The basic idea is in the shadow of a hovering myth. Notwithstanding a simple fact that water is a semi-conductor, people do absurd things all the time. Electronic devices and the liquid substance having conductivity never get along. And such may expose quite powerful impact when the conductivity is intense such as sea-water or the liquid that contains sodium. By its nature, sodium adds enhanced conductivity in water. What it means is the more salty presence in water the greater conductivity. And the greater the conductivity, the stronger surge impact.

Any device that stays in a bag of rice for a while and comes back to life has nothing to do with such rice remedy. Even though someone had not put that particular device in rice, it would just survive because the liquid did not pass through active circuit lines. Or the device got the impact just to begin the corrosion which is still building up to eventually destroy the device. Rice solution is just a myth – such a strong myth that is responsible for millions of computing devices fatal failure each year, which otherwise, could save in a large scale.

What would help when a Mac comes to the contact of a liquid substance?

Immediate shout-down of the device is the very first thing to begin with. Once you shout-down the Mac, put the device opposite to the angle liquid substance travelled through. This stops or slows down the impact. Then one may begin to dab visible liquid contents over the outer body of the Mac with a dry cloth or a few sheets of paper towel. Such act helps prevent liquid remnants from scattering and dribbling in. I strongly suggest not to use hairdryer or air blower. Many folks make mistake here. Since it will force push the liquid substance in, there will be quite likeliness of creating an adverse impact.

Is this a good idea to turn the water damaged Mac on after a while – or say as the liquid is considered dried?

Don’t act like a curious child by plugging in the Mac expecting if it sustained. Don’t even try to power it on. A single drop of water if remains in contact with an active circuit line, the surge is inevitable. It will destroy your Mac for sure. If you don’t care about data stuff or the device itself, so do as you please. Otherwise, take it to the nearest Apple device service shop for a comprehensive components isolation and diagnostics to make sure that the impact is minimal or can be cleaned using some gentle chemical solutions as necessary.

Puru Pokharel

Purushotam Pokharel (Puru) is a Mac Technician. Having Macintosh hardware and application troubleshooting ideas, skills and problem solving nature imposing inside and out of any Apple devices born thus far, he still enjoys contributing MacIssue regularly and responds persisting issues adequately. He has been in the Macintosh service and support field since 2005.