How techno giants suck our social resources up

Are techno giants sucking up our social resources?

Techno Giants deliberately suck up on our social resources in time and again. Many of the computing devices and accessories we have now are not significantly developed for a decade long period. Seems like there are only minor refinements. No major breakthrough. And many more small technology companies mushrooming, the technology itself keeps spreading only.

As for example, in Apple’s 11 years of history of iPhone development, it has not been able to bring any technology breakthrough at all. Besides frame changes, a little faster processors, a little faster graphics, touch ID and face ID, there’s been nothing significant offered in its aggressive 11 years of being a technology leader to accumulate billions of dollars in revenue.

Seems like these techno giants have a future plan to allocate us exactly what their own plan permits: little by little here this year and a little more there the following year – and we are the ones who sustain them. We are the ones who follow them. We are the ones who spend. And they are the ones who exploit knowing what we want and how much we want and how much to refresh and how much not to offer. They are the ones to design and we are the ones who they study to design for. But not for the sake of preserving, saving and sustaining our national and universal resources but to exploit it as much possible.

This is quite disappointment for the future. The last 10 years of Facebook, you will not see any social media breakthrough except making Mark Zuckerberg multi billionaire doubtlessly. Same applies to Bill Gates being world’s number one billionaire year after year succeeding him to have net worth over 85+ billions (2016). Similarly, Samsung, HP, Dell, Acer,  and other technology and social network and telecommunication giants has the same trend in common.

Why we spend so much money in gadgets





What are these techno giants seeking for in common?

For the contemporary techno giants, only two things matter to sought for and maintain along: volatile marketplace and hence profit potentials. The market is dynamic hence volatile. They see it, they feel it and so obviously nurture themselves on the basis of the same perspectives. Sale more, make more.

They want to sell more: and more and more. They do know how to sell more and accumulate profits more. Seems like they spend billions in advertisement alone but create no additional jobs at all.

This trend is exploiting our social resources, the resources that we must preserve accumulatively for the sake of our future generations. Instead of selling more devices in numbers to profit billions, the technology companies must strengthen the inventive prospective to support and sustain social welfare. A huge portion of their profits must go to social benefits and its resource preservation hence research on inventive perspectives and subjects to support society with greater innovation and breakthrough inventions and discoveries bound to erupt thus an inevitable benefits to all living human beings.

Are the techno giants contributing to halt discoveries?

Seems like we have halted discoveries that sustain social and life supportive subjects. The techno giants are quite far away from contributing most of their profits to research oriented projects rather than impromptu gadgets, frame redesigns, camera updates and little other goodies and non contributing refinements.

Is this like our government that is contributing billions on armors and contradictorily a little leftover allocation to our social welfare? Even the politicians are silent.

We could have afforded free healthcare for all US Citizens if only we stopped techno giants to refresh and bring their gadgets every year. Instead regulate them to do so once in a 5 year time and make them mandatory to provide minimum 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty on each sale. This is something saving social resources and leaping forward to inventions and thus get better products that we really enjoy over years.

One of the ridiculous social resources exploitation is that Techno giants even do not hesitate to manifest their prides in emojis such as in iPhone X or Xs expecting to make sales even greater. This is a total loss of social resources that is hindering our perspectives for inventions in life supporting cause and lasting social welfare.

Have we witnessed technology breakthrough during this decade? How many? Any?

Whether we look into telecommunication technology, medicine, or science and technology, not a single technology breakthrough has been accomplished in last ten years of time. Techno giants seem to more concentrate on profit making by selling more numbers in sales each year rather than getting involved in inventions. Apple proudly claims itself that it reinvents. This end the trail right there for invention and inspires millions minds to reinvent rather than long for inventions. Redesign and reinvention like words are dead terms that are poisonous to young minds. Probably this is the trend that halted our inventive perspective in life for a decade and more.

Technology companies seem to bear no responsibility to the expenses of our social resources. Such trend must be discouraged and regulated.

Human society requires inventions and aggressive innovation to sustain life, environment and economy to better our future. We are lacking all of them in an unnatural manner. This is slowing down our human perspective of technology evolution. When we had our first rocket launched to the space and then to the moon, our computers then were even inferior to our latest scientific calculators. Think what has been terribly missing in our lack of perception towards technology breakthrough. You will get the point right there. We are like walking zombies if we compare our dead performances compared to our forefathers’ contributions to inventions and discoveries. We stopped. We must not reinvent. We must keep inventing. Reinventing is a job of small scale businesses and companies that tend to grow. Large techno giants must involve in invention and new discoveries.

May be some federal regulations should cut-off the profits of the techno giants’ revenue overwhelmingly and distribute to technology, healthcare and infrastructure development mandatorily.

Are the hand-held gadgets and technology companies motivation to small shiny stuff suck up all our inventive persuasion?

Millions of gadgets are sold every day. The same gadgets are redesigned and refreshed to get sold even more in numbers in the following year. And the trend never seem to stop. This is a massive loss of our common social welfare and fare-share of our future generations. Millions of consumer centric computers have reached to millions of households.

And the same numbers are somehow segregate to refresh their equipments the following year with the new models which will then come with similar or quite negligible refreshments. And that happens to raise trillions of dollars to a very few of techno giants but the benefits are staggeringly minimal. Tremendous amount of household money goes to those techno giants and, in return, entire society just gets some insignificant refreshments in their device performances nothing else. It will not support our social growth. It will hinder in return. This is not a progress. It’s a pitfall. It’s slashing the majority of brains worldwide and narrowing down benefits to less than 0.5% of the world’s population that in turn rules out the entire world population in the same gadget mania loop.

How much do we spend on gadgets and small computing equipments? We just don’t get significant benefit against the investments or expenses we make? We always lose.

PEW Research Center has published a report stating that 84% of U.S. householdsTechno giants suck our social resources up own a computer, and 73% of U.S. households have a computer with a broadband connection to the internet, the bureau reported. What does it mean in social resources exploitation by Techno Giants in the US alone? If we consider US population 323.1 million (2016), roughly 271,404,000 people have owned their computing gadgets. When you calculate the average cost per computing gadget as $179, the total expenses the US population in computing gadgets purchases is equivalent to $48,581,316,000. Over 48 billion US Dollars expenses go over small computing gadgets and common computing units. This is a massive level of losses of our social resources that doesn’t significantly contribute to enhance our lives in a broader perspective.

And the techno giants are sucking it up year after year after year. By just refreshing the computing models such as bezels change, multi million units are sold to accumulate multi billion revenue across the world. It’s a shame to offer frame changes, minor computing performance changes, camera pixels changes year after year. And obviously introducing significantly low impacting features in a techno expo loop every year, techno giants do not hesitate to suck up heavy social resources right in front of our nose. We contribute them. They become parasite and sustain on us. But we feed them happily. What’s an irony that we convert ourselves to skeleton by letting them sustain on our blood and toil.

Are we foolish that we are destroying our chances to better our own world?

Life has not improved in the level of resources utilization and expenses on the exploitations like this. Instead of doing significant research and introducing life changing computing gadgets, same type refreshments exploit too much of social resources. And does not seem to have any ending any soon. Someone has to step up and voice to stop this ridiculous trend. Too much profit margins and too little life supporting contributions has hurt our social structure severely. It’s time to awake, regulate and to devote truly for technology breakthrough.

Puru Pokharel

Purushotam Pokharel (Puru) is a Mac Technician. Having Macintosh hardware and application troubleshooting ideas, skills and problem solving nature imposing inside and out of any Apple devices born thus far, he still enjoys contributing MacIssue regularly and responds persisting issues adequately. He has been in the Macintosh service and support field since 2005.

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