macOS Mojave Download

macOS Mojave Fresh Installation

Do not get confused what others say. Creating a fresh installation USB stick of macOS Mojave is pretty straightforward and you do not even need any instructions other than a single line command as follows:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled

If you are new to Mac or want to follow instructions, this is the simplest guide available in the planet:

  1. Download macOS Mojave from App Store.
  2. Once the download finished, Mojave will fire itself. Quit it.
  3. Insert a USB Flash Drive (USB Stick).
  4. Open Disk Utility and Erase that USB Drive. No need to name that drive.
  5. Once the USB Drive is erased, you will see mounted volume as Untitled. You did it!
  6. Now, navigate to Applications folder, then to Utilities and open Terminal app.
  7. Then copy the following command and paste on the Terminal window.
  8. Terminal will prompt for password. Provide it and Enter.

That will be all. Wait for about 15 minutes (or less) and you will have your clean copy of macOS Mojave ready for fresh installation.

Do you need a visual walk around how it will look like while doing so? There are only 4 steps that creates macOS Mojave installation media.

Step – 1: Download macOS Mojave from App Store. It will look like this:macOS Mojave Download

Step – 2: Insert a USB Drive in your Mac and format it using Disk Utility (Disk Utility is found in Utilities folder which is inside Applications folder). It will look like this:

Install macOS Mojave using Terminal Command

Step – 3: Partition USB Flash Drive using Disk Utility app (Disk Utility app is found in the same Utilities folder as shown above. And select the USB Drive and hit Erase. It will look like this: Use Disk Utility to create macOS Mojave Installation Volume

Step – 4: Now, check if macOS Mojave completed downloading. If yes, copy the following command and paste on the Terminal window which will look like this:

Terminal Command to Install macOS Mojave Fresh Using USB Flash Drive

When you provide correct password and hit Enter, your installation disk creation begins immediately and may take about 15 minutes to complete. Have patience.

How to practically fresh install macOS Mojave after the creation of USB installation media?

Alright. All you have to do is: Shut Down your Mac. Then Turn ON on while still pressing the Option key. Once you see the a fresh new macOS Mojave volume named Install macOS Mojave, select that Volume and press Enter. In a moment, you will be taken to a macOS Utilities window.

Step – 1: Let’s walk through step by step. The first screen will look like this:Begin macOS Mojave installation

Step – 2: Once you have this screen, simply select Install macOS Mojave and Enter. The process begins. After a few minutes, you will be taken to the macOS Utilities Screen. This screen is important for fresh installing macOS Mojave. In this window, select Disk Utility because you need to delete your Main Drive where you want to install macOS Mojave. The screen will look like this:

macOS Mojave Installation Screen

Step – 3: When you continue after selecting Disk Utility, you will reach Disk Utility window. There select the Main Drive (usually Macintosh HD) where you want to fresh install macOS Mojave. Once you select the main drive, hit Erase. The process of deleting the partition begins with a warning window. Hit Erase there. This will start erasing the main drive. Pay attention to the partition format must be Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for a smooth installation. It is selected by default. If not, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) manually. Do not choose APFS. The window will look like this:

Select Mac OS Extended Journaled to install macOS Mojave

Step – 4: Once the erasing completes, you will have a fresh new drive awaiting fresh new installation of macOS Mojave. Quit/Close Disk Utility window. It will bring you back to the main macOS Utilities windows. At this time, you will chose Install macOS and hit Continue. The window will look like this:

Choose Install macOS to fresh install macOS Mojave

Step – 5: When you hit Continue in the above window, you are likely to encounter confirmation window. You need to hit Continue. The window will look like this:

Confirmation window to contunie installation of macOS Mojave

Step – 6: As you pressed Continue, you would be greeted with a new window that would allow you to find/choose the drive you are likely to install macOS Mojave. This is going to be the same drive you just had erased. Choose that drive and hit Install. The window will look like this:

Choose Main Drive to Install macOS Mojave

That was great, wasn’t that? You did it. Now your Mac will begin the fresh installation of macOS Mojave without any issue. Give it some time. It will restart in about 3 to 7 minutes. The screen will look like this:

macOS Mojave Fresh Installation Progress

Then the long installation continues. It may take up to 55 minutes. Once all goes well, you are likely to receive a welcome screen which will look like this:

macOS Mojave Welcome Screen

Congratulations! From this point onward you are on your own. Set your brand new fresh installation of macOS Mojave the way you like. If you have any Mac Repair or Service related issues, you may consult here.