Chip-level Work: All Mac Modals Covered

Chip-Level Work: 7 - 30 Business Days

We believe in innovation and perseverance. We believe in our expertise. We have saved thousands of people’s complex systems. We are committed to save yours too. When others call the circuit level in-chip servicing is impossible because the newer technology implementation, or the chip is dead, or the entire Logic Board is surged, we can still fix the board, make it right and reliable — again.

Our engineers are able to rework on in-board failed components. Such in-board affected chip(s) either require rework expertise or specialized utilities and tools that can help accomplish such a critical task precisely. We fix corroded components, failed capacitors or transistors, broken electric lines or surged circuit and components. We can rebuild the hardware, fix issues and offer a reliable re-work solution better and smarter way.

Mac Upgrade ServiceComprehensive Mac Upgrade

Hours: Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 19:00pm