Apple Notebook Display Bezel Design Flaw

Apple Notebook Display Bezel Design Flaw

I do admire Apple for its near perfect product appearance crafted and empowered with simplistic approach yet quite sophisticated mix of art and engineering. I can proudly say that I have been an old Mac user for a long time. And I pretty much know inside and out of any Mac computer thus far. Therefore I can boldly claim if ever Apple makes any design flaws in its products, especially on a Mac lineup – I would notice it and suggest accordingly.

When did the display bezel design flaw spree began?

Since the early entry of MacBook 12-inch 2015 and carrying over the same design approach up to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2018, Apple has dramatically flawed Display Bezel design that is going quite unnoticed. I wonder why!

I miss Steve Jobs so badly at times Apple suppressed its design ethics and perception towards the perfection. Had Steve had lived to this date, he would have certainly noticed the irregular display bezel width and seemingly awkward symmetry on all new USB-C Mac lineups starting 2015 to MacBook Air 2018.

What has exactly happened in the design of the display bezel starting MacBook 2015?

Let’s come to the point straight forward. Pay attention to the display bezel of MacBook 2015 and newer and MacBook Pro 2016 to 2018 and MacBook Air 2018. You must have been missing something: the symmetrical order of the bezel all around the display. This hardly happened to any Mac display until MacBook Retina 2015 USB-3 models. Somehow Apple was able to manage the symmetrical order and aesthetics of the top/bottom and left/right bezel width to almost equal sizes. Reaching to 2011 MacBook Pro 17”, Apple almost perfected the display bezel. MacBook Pro Retina 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 were almost close to display bezel perfection although the left/right bezel width was slightly lesser than the top/bottom bezel. But it still looked pleasant. Coming to 2015, as Apple introduced new MacBook 12-inch, it totally ditched that perception, that almost perfect design perception and the bezel ecstasy that overwhelmingly made the Mac look like an artistic creation. Apple dumped such progress. And Apple reversed display bezel engineering towards nothingness. Seems like bezel design doesn’t matter anymore. The first Mac that dumped the symmetrical display bezel design progress for aesthetic beauty in 2015 is solely responsible hence the entire team that under worked for the current display model that looks too primitive to me to consider pleasant aesthetically. The uniqueness of art and engineering in further developing display bezel towards less wider yet more symmetrical is not what Apple seems considering.

Pay another close attention over to the top bezel of all the USB-C Mac models, then look at the side bezels and then turn to the bottom bezel of the these Macs. Only the left and right side bezels are visually show the same bezel width hence symmetrical. But the top and the bottom bezels are totally and awkwardly different in width by making your Mac display look aesthetically unpleasant.

Has the most embarrassing display bezel flaw been passing on unnoticed?

Even going further, look at the bottom bezel with the wordings on it. You will experience a weird combination of the wording background bezel stripe against the black bezel shrinking up almost half the width of the side bezels and a quarter size of the top bezel. Giving a layer of glass stripe for wording or whatsoever reason, Apple dramatically destroyed the display bezel appearance in a whole. That stripe is a glass material that I found up on my take-apart and neither its color matches with the rest of the body color of the Mac itself nor that portion matches to the rest of the surrounding bezel color. Why such flaw? Why would Apple not care there? It’s a design blunder the entire design team is superseding.

What would Apple lose by making top, bottom and sides of the display bezels symmetrical design-wise? Why can’t the top and the bottom have the same width? If the engineers are due to accept challenges, there is no question that all sides of the display bezel width can exactly be of the same width; and the end result: absolutely symmetrical display design that would advance towards an absolute perfection – a perfect display look and feel, a pure creation of art and engineering nowhere seen yet.

Why did I discard Windows PCs, until now, even though many of them are more powerful and quite more usable than Mac notebooks?

When you look at most of the Windows PCs, the over-wide lower bezel makes you throw (that’s a design havoc). I knew that Windows PCs were more usable and powerful than many Mac computers and still I favored Mac. The reason is: design that mattered me most and my needs are limited which I can come up with a Mac computer. Is Apple smilingly discarding core esthetics of artistic and engineering design values in recreation of a superior product, design-wise? Such were already set to be as Apple’s design standards by minimum as much as I understand Apple.

Macs were developed to stand out and reach towards esthetic perfection and they are in many perceptions. As of now, off color combination of the bezel around one block display is unacceptable. Off symmetrical is also not acceptable to a product that sustained so many years of development towards aesthetic perfection.

Being said that, I also emphasis that Mac are not only the computers to compute things, they are also some part of glory a Mac user is proud of anticipating, a part of life, a routine and something to be pleased with. A product that is accepted, loved and appreciated by millions of people worldwide also because of its superior beauty none of the other computing products are able to offer thus far. These many millions of people who appreciate Mac for its beauty can’t be totally ditched by not paying attention to something that almost instantly takes attention to: the beauty of display outside. There are another millions of people out there who even never need the power of the Mac but instantly fall in love with the beauty of the Mac. For them, the design flaw in the display is a back-stab. The design team is to take the blame for it if Apple is honest.

Would Steve Jobs approve the display bezel design flaw and allow it to be going unnoticed until now if he were alive to witness such?

May be Steve is no more with us but the legacy of his vision, the eyes that saw flaws instantaneously, the thoughts that understood and rhymed with the millions minds and other millions thoughts, must have noticed the misery of this design flaw. His legacy must not be discarded by the company whose foundation is based on the same legacy and principals set forth thus far.

The rise of Apple is not only the OS and the hardware internals, it is also by its near perfect design pyramid: the display aesthetic which was always far superior and symmetrical than any other computer maker in the world – until 2015. This ended with the introduction of the MacBook Retina 2015 that destroyed such perception and development towards product aesthetic perfection. Now it seems like display bezel design progress is being fouled and shadowed by overwhelming pixels. Pixels perfection may address one set of millions but the other set of millions that love and admire the beauty of the Mac — is being slapped hard.

How long do you have to wait to see the display bezel coming back to its symmetrical order?

I waited 4 years hoping that Apple would come corrected. But it didn’t. As soon as I happened to see the same flaw in MacBook Air 2018, my wait is exhausted; it’s over and now I’m getting rebelled.

First, I would like to suggest Apple to correct its design flaw on its MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Display Bezel and immediately refresh 2019 Mac lineup applying symmetrical bezel width and bezel color to match all around meeting up with the best possible symmetry to the users’ eyes when they see it, perceive it and behold as next level of the product design made possible. It’s only possible with Apple where the art flourishes in engineering and design.

Today’s Mac of this extent of power and potential can’t have such a low level of display bezel design flaw. It’s a common sense.

Would I like to suggest Apple with some references that can be helpful?

Honestly, yes. Not only I would like to suggest, I also urge Apple to take a note from MacBook Pro 17″ Late 2011’s display bezel that is quite near perfection for the reference. And long to improve the superior display bezel aesthetic beauty to give a perfect display bezel width on top, left, right and bottom to all Mac lineup coming in 2019. Whether you make edge to edge display or display having a notch, pay attention to the symmetrical order of the bezel considering your own eyes if that feel better when you look around it. Apple, are you concerned about this? Or do not even care?

Puru Pokharel

Purushotam Pokharel (Puru) is a Mac Technician. Having Macintosh hardware and application troubleshooting ideas, skills and problem solving nature imposing inside and out of any Apple devices born thus far, he still enjoys contributing MacIssue regularly and responds persisting issues adequately. He has been in the Macintosh service and support field since 2005.

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