Apple AirPods - a true piece of technology and art!

Apple AirPods – a true piece of technology and art!

Apple AirPods are one of the awesomenesses in gadget accessories we have seen thus far. The way the AirPods are designed, crafted and compacted is merely compared with any other bluetooth devices we have seen to date is simply spellbinding. Experience-wise, Apple AirPods are one of the most genuinely crafted equipments that are superb in usability, quality and deliverance. Unfortunately, such a grand piece of technology and uniqueness in design also flatly fails far behind in delivering some basic features and carefree usability approach. This is just unacceptable. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Besides being a true winner in the design perception, reliability metrics and gadget craftsmanships, there are some true to life obstacles and annoyances while using Apple AirPods. Due to some basic and direct access pitfalls, listening and responding multiple activities feels like a joke.  Apple could offer basic taps for call answer/end in addition to the tap(s) input for play/pause/forward/skip music streaming as in-device functionalities. Similarly, Apple could offer simple scrolling kind of touch gesture for volume control actions. This is not new to Apple. It has already applied touch gestures in multiple devices ranging from mouse to trackpad.

There was no need to make the AirPods complex by compelling it to solely depend on Siri for many basic operations. As for example, instead of depending on Siri for volume actions, long touch feed could accomplish such. Either long press or rubbing finger down to up or up to down could assign volume up or down action respectively. This is a very closed thinking to integrate Siri for Volume control actions. This is not wise and not a simple thinking at all.

It’s Apple AirPods’ requirement. So ask: Siri, Volume up! Make sure nobody is watching you…

Siri Volume Up Apple AirPods

And Siri understands the command. Once you command Siri and Siri understands, your volume goes one step high. Say that again. Now you are nearing to the desired volume level I suppose. Or you still need another go. It’s just ridiculous. Relying on Siri for one of the simplest actions is not only an annoyance but also a total disappointment. You are about to awake Siri to increase volume and you are doing such in a crowded commute. You do not only look ridiculous to yourself but also perceived acting funny unnecessarily.

Play, pause, forward and skip are the most basic music streaming related actions and the AirPods could accomplish independently rather than having partial actions on each of the AirPods as the features for the left one and the features for the right one. How on earth you imagine a bluetooth device that has such a short battery life can surve with separate feature designation? You can of-course change features and assign the way you like but as I mentioned earlier it’s an annoyance. It’s where simplicity dies. As simplicity dies, Apple’s ethics and core principals die as well.

Similarly some other general to most basic features such as call answer, end and return should get the highest priority in input action. Unfortunately Apple seems to more rely on Siri rather than dedicated touch input action development and refinements. This is unacceptable against the piece of accessory that is priced over $150. Apple offered too little for too much the price it forced to live with.

Apple AirPods could get all the basic actions as dedicated features if Apple really wanted to:

The world knows by now that Apple could accomplish prioritizing in-device dedicated features. And it did not. It saved so for its future AirPods models. The convincing reason is that it wants to create another sensation when it is ready to unveil its refreshment.

Apple will surely chime adding couple of features more. It won’t give you all that you want. And then force us to live on what it allocates for us. It will make a melody with some common wordings such as longer battery life, one touch scroll down and up for volume adjustments, single tap to answer the call or pause or answer the new call. And we will be singing-along. It may also highlight a few more taps as to return the most recent call or the missed call or forward streaming or skip to the next or so. We will singalong because we get piece by peace year after year and we know when to get them. And we are happy to get when we get the stuff that Apple allocates.

This is not right. Are we becoming a part of techno slavery?

If Apple is technically equipped, mindfully ready and valuably sustainable to introduce and offer all the features possible, it should not cutoff a few deliberately. It should not make a framework to allocate features by cutting off its available, possible and feasible options. It should not develop a corporate master-scheme and use its products to suck us up and our social resources. I will soon discuss how do techno giants suck our social resources up in a new post.

Eventually, the integration of outbound technology may shine. And shine with triple taps that will wake up Siri and interact as you go. No more worries in bothering Siri in the crazy commutes.

Apple AirPods should rise and shine as Apple does!

What I seriously believe is that Siri should not be the primary competent in AirPods personification. It should be secondary. Just like it is in the functionality of the host machines: iPhone, iPad or a Mac computer. The way Apple shifted from Apple Watch Series 1 to Series 3 breaking the dependency of its watch to its iPhone, we demand Apple rise and shine with a whole new AirPods that offers in-unit dedicated features rather than a virtual assistant bothering the commuters unnecessarily.

The best of the AirPods money can buy for a unique wire free listening experience

There is no doubt that Apple AirPods do offer smooth and pleasing bass, clear mid and high that anyone can enjoy all day long besides answering calls and interacting with Siri. Although these are not noise canceling pairs, these are fantastic listening tools to those who prefer to pay attention to the surroundings on the go.

Regardless of the lack of basic action execution, Apple AirPods offer quite comfortable fit and feel throughout the day busy schedule and communication or workouts. Keep in mind that these may not fit all ears. AirPods are specially useless for those who have lower ear rims. You can still get ear hooks from some third parties should you decide to go for AirPods. Consider that any sort of additional bulk on these won’t work for keeping intact in the pod. The result is you can not charge. You need to remove the hooks or tips whenever you require them to keep in the pod.

The build quality is the finest possible. The ergonomic smoothness is absolutely fantastic. The coverage of streaming range is quite appreciative. It penetrates a closed door without a hiccup. Pairing and switching between devices is a bridge. It also senses incomings in a previously synced device in which it tends to follow and wait for your interaction. But there are some glitches and it’s tad slow to respond and you may fail calls couple of times while tapping on in some silly manner. But anyone can master soon enough. Apple worked quite well in such fields that makes the AirPods outstanding in the crowd of the same class of advanced accessories. Industry will soon pick it up and Apple will have quite mastered it.

Apple AirPods is a true winner despite its major and disappointing lack of some dedicated basic action feeds. Still I can happily recommend AirPods to anyone hunting for the best in class Bluetooth accessories to comply and work with and around Apple ecosystem. You won’t regret.

Puru Pokharel

Purushotam Pokharel (Puru) is a Mac Technician. Having Macintosh hardware and application troubleshooting ideas, skills and problem solving nature imposing inside and out of any Apple devices born thus far, he still enjoys contributing MacIssue regularly and responds persisting issues adequately. He has been in the Macintosh service and support field since 2005.

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  1. I got that AirPods not quite developed. Totally got that. Woohoo, the one I get is superb. I love it. Connects no issues. Carry the charging pod all the time though.

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